terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2008

Third annual Children's Literature Symposium

A University of South Florida convida autores, professores, críticos, bibliotecários, estudantes de graduação e editores a apresentar comunicações para o simpósio anual promovido pela universidade, que acontecerá dia 21 de fevereiro de 2009.

Tema: A representação da diversidade na literatura infantil e juvenil. Os resumos devem conter 500 palavras e o tempo de comunicação é de 60 minutos. Os interessados devem enviar propostas para Dr. G. Pat Wilson (gpwilson@sar.usf.edu) ou Dr. Thomas Crisp (tcrisp@sar.usf.edu). Data limite para envio: 1 de dezembro de 2008.

The University of South Florida - Sarasota/Manatee

FEBRUARY 21, 2009


Each year, the University of South Florida - Sarasota/Manatee organizes a symposium centered on issues related to children's literature. The overarching goal of these symposia is to bring expertise in ways to "engage a generation of readers." The Children's Literature Symposium provides a program through which participants learn about authors and illustrators of children's books, about the process of composing and writing stories, about the ways books can be promoted, and about contemporary issues that affect children's literacy and literature.

With an audience of professionals in library/media science, literacy studies, and education, as well as undergraduate and professional university students and local community members, the symposium aims to engage in scholarly and pedagogical discussions about children's literature, explore the elements for creating a successful and satisfying children's book, review strategies that will inspire children and young adults to read, and identify some key issues and developments in multicultural children's literature.

This year, the symposium is inviting proposals from children's book authors, professors, scholars, critics, librarians, graduate students, and publishers for presentations addressing issues around representations of diversity in children's and adolescent literature. Through this symposium, we seek to enrich understandings regarding diversity and representation in literature for librarians, classroom and pre-service teachers, and the community more generally.

We invite abstracts (of approximately 500 words) for sixty-minute interactive sessions or individual/panel presentations treating critical or pedagogical concerns in children's literature. While proposals relying upon a broad definition of "diversity" will be considered, preference will be given to proposals focusing on issues impacting populations traditionally underrepresented and marginalized in literature (i.e. cultural diversity, race/racism/white privilege, dis/ability, sexual and gender identity, religion, socio-economics, American regions). Proposals must be sent electronically to one of the symposium co-chairs: Dr. G. Pat Wilson (gpwilson@sar.usf.edu) or Dr. Thomas Crisp (tcrisp@sar.usf.edu) on or before December 1, 2008. Receipt of proposals will be confirmed via email within a few days of submission. Proposals will be evaluated through a blind review process by the symposium planning committee and authors of accepted proposals will receive notification via email on or before January 1, 2009. For more information, contact G. Pat Wilson or Thomas Crisp at the email addresses listed above.

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